For Authors

Information for Authors

Articles for the periodical should be sent on the following email: the deadline is November 1st, 2018.

Article must be sent as a document file ((MS Word, Open Office etc.).

For the ancient Greek language font GRACEA is required (download).

Article should not exceed 7.500 words. The resume within 150-600 words in Georgian is required along with article.

Applications from researchers holding scientific degree as well as doctoral candidates will be taken for further review.

The article must be scientifically innovative, should not be plagiarized and should not have been published previously.


Rules applied for confirming the scientific literature

1) The bibliography in an article must be specified on each page as a footnote in the succeeding/continuous order and must not be restarted on each page.; it should be presented in the following short form:

Family name – comma – title of the article or monography (shortened version, written in italic) – comma – pages./ p. / S.; – relevant pages;

for example:

Tsagareishvili, Armenological study, p.p. 292-295;

Andronikashvili, Essays, p.p. 451-458;

Abuladze, Dictionary, p. 320;

Richard, Anastase le Sinaite, p. 29-42.


Note: In case there are two or more authors, their names must be separated through ‘dash’:

Tseradze Khoperia, Epistle, p.p. 160-165.

Roosen – Van Deun, Les Collections, p.p. 55-60.

Bregadze-Kavtaria-Kutateladze, Description, p.346.


Note: Publication must be indicated as follows: Author of the text – comma – short version of the title (italic) – comma – publisher – p.p. / p. / S – relevant pages:

Grigol Noseli, Translations, Kiknadze, p.p. 144-149.

  • Manuscript must be specified through in typesetting? and dash: A-57; S-1463.
  • The footnote must be attached right next to the indicated word without a space in between: At the moment the manuscript belonged to a private person
  • In case when a word or a phrase that under citation is followed by a punctuation mark the footnote should be next to the punctuation mark: According to the catalogue composed by I. Asphalg the manuscript consisted of 30 pages.
  • The bibliography must be presented at the end of an article by the alphabetical order: first the Georgian scientific literature, followed by Western sources and finally the Russian ones.


When confirming an article: Family name – comma – short version of title –equals sign/equation mark – the name initials – full stop – family name – comma – full title of the article in italic – comma – name of the periodical (in case if the article is published in foreign periodical in the French language it must be preceded by ‘dans’; in case of English or German languages there must be put – in – comma – number of issue of the periodical – date of publishing in brackets – comma – p.p. /p./S – pages of the article.

Tsagareishvili, Armenological Studies = E. Tsagareishvili, From the History of the Armenological studies in the National Center of Manuscripts, “Mravaltavi”, 24 (2015), p.p. 292-295.


Tserdze – Khoperia, Epistle= T. Tseradze – L. Khoperia, the Epistle of Daniel Khanbashuri, “Mravaltavi”, 22 (2007), p.p. 153-171.

Richard, Anastase le Sinaïte = M. Richard, Anastase le Sinaïte, l’Hodegos et le monothélisme, dans Revue des Études Byzantines, 16 (1958), Paris, p. 29-42.


In case when the article is published in the collection: family name –comma – short version of the title – equals sign/equation mark – initial of the name – full stop – family name – comma – the full title of the article in italic – in/dans In case it is published in the foreign periodical – the initial of the first name and the family name of the publisher – (eds.), in case if it is foreign collection – title of the collection – serial number in brackets – place of publishing – comma – date of publishing – comma – p.p./p./S. – relevant pages.

Roosen – Van Deun, Les collections = B. Roosen – P. Van Deun, Les collections de définitions philosophicothéologiques, dans M. Cacouros – M. H. Congourdeaou (eds.), Philosophie et sciences à Byzance (Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta), Leuven – Paris – Dudley (MA), 2006, p. 53-76.


When confirming monography: family name – comma – short version of the title – equals sign/equation mark – the name initial – full stop – family name – comma – title of the monography in italic – comma – place of publishing – comma – date of publishing.


Abuladze, Dictionary = I. Abuladze, The ancient/old Georgian language Dictionary, Tbilisi, 1973.

Andronikashvili, Essays = M. Andronikashvili, Essays pertaining to the Iranian-Georgian linguistic Relations, Tbilisi, 1966.

Bregadze – Kavtaria – Kutateladze, the Narrative = T. Bregadze – M. Kavtaria – L. Kutateladze, The Narrative of Georgian Manuscripts from the former Church museum (A) collection, Tbilisi, 1973.


When publishing the Text: Author of the text – comma – short version of the text – publisher – equals sign/equation mark – author of the text – comma – title of the text in italic – comma – publisher– place of publishing – date of publishing.


Grigol Noseli, Translations, Kiknadze=Grigol Noseli, Translations of the Praise of Praise (Targmanebai Kebisa Kebataisi), G. kiknadze publishing, Tbilisi, 2013.