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“Mravaltavi  – Philological-Historical Studies” is the scientific periodical of the Korneli Kekelidze National Center of Manuscripts. The Periodical was established in 1971. The first issue of it was dedicated to the founder of the Institute of Manuscripts, Ilia Abuladze. Before the “Mravaltavi“came into being, in the 60’s of the 20th century, the National Center of Manuscripts, then called “Institute of Manuscripts”, published several scientific collections (“Moambe” (the Messenger) – periodical of the Institute of Manuscripts, Vol. I-V, 1959-1963; “Philological Studies”, 1964; “Paleographic Studies”, 1965-1969;). Since the times of its foundation the “Mravaltavi” remains to be the chief scientific periodical of the National Center of Manuscripts.



The aim of this periodical is to study the ancient Georgian texts and historical sources that are preserved in abundance within the National Center of Manuscripts. Thus articles published in the “Mravaltavi” are about ancient Georgian language, history of Georgia, Georgian-Byzantine or Georgian-Christian East relations, the Georgian Christian art, writers and public figures.

The periodical is published annually. There are 25 volumes published so far including works by authors from Georgia as well as from Europe (M. Esbroke, B. Utie, A. Schmidt, etc.).